My apologies to those who came in search of words (or whining) about the writing process. You'll have to come back later for that. ;)

Okay, I know I'm a happily married woman who is old enough to be Adam Levine's...aunt, but I can't help it. Every Maroon 5 video makes me feel like a 16-year-old again. Sometimes I even break out.

And you know Adam's the love 'em and leave 'em type. Just look at their videos: he's with a different wanton hussy in each one, sometimes even a few of them -- all in a writhing gaggle of hussiness. I mean really, can't they find a room?

Oh yeah, the camera is in the room with them. Never mind.

So, of course, since I've been mooning over the lead singer of Maroon 5, I simply had to search for an appropriate image to go on this blog post. (The pictures of my cat will have to wait for another time.)

After watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada and both Francis and Nico being all shirtless and ripped, I'd kind of had my fill of bare chests. (This is the point when Bonnie realizes that family members read this blog and decides to keep on walking down the slippery ab-slope anyway.)

Did I mention that there are about the same number of images of Adam Levine as there are of Zac Efron? No, I lie: there are waaaay more images of Zac out there. Don't ask me how I know.

Okay, so I found this photo of Adam, my karaoke night date:

As you can see, he might have a drinking problem. Or lives with all the band members and that's their bar area for all the parties. Anyhoo, what attracted me to this image (despite the obvious) is the wistful way Adam is looking to the side.

What do you think he's looking at?

Here are my guesses:

1. He's waiting for his cab to arrive and take him over to the karaoke bar so we can hook up. Musically of course. He gets the Duran Duran tunes, and I do Madonna. Great, now I'm blushing.
2. The pizza guy's at the door and Adam's waiting for his humble manservant to take care of it.

3. The trailer for HSM3 is on, and he can't drag his eyes away from Zac Efron.

All I know is, it "Makes Me Wonder." Cue Youtube:

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