Okay, how bad is it that my reason for not going to the gym on Tuesday night was because The Biggest Loser was on?

At least I wasn't downing a tub of Haagen Dazs at the time. Hey, I even did about three sets of psuedo-squats during commercial breaks. Yeah, like I burned, I dunno, five calories? Go me!

But seriously. Lame has a new name, and it starts with B, ends with E and has an onni in the middle of it. The DH did remind me of my goal to work out three times a week, rain or shine. We'd actually been going strong with a workout on Friday and then on Sunday.

I vowed that we would work out Wednesday morning. And, by gosh, we did.

Thanks to living in Canada, a huge pile of snow arrived, just in time for Ukrainian Christmas (happy holidays!). So we spent 30 minutes shoveling instead of working the treadmill.

Was it a coincidence... or fitness destiny? I'm not sure. But I'm afraid of what will happen the next time I try to skip going to the gym.

I wonder how much swarms of locusts weigh when you have to shovel them off the driveway.

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