Apparently the onset of a shiny New Year is not enough to keep my excuses at bay. ;)

"I didn't really want to do it anyway."
This excuse and I go way back and it appears when times get tough and I realize that, in order to accomplish something, I might have to work at it longer than 10 minutes.

That's when the terrible two-year-old inside me throws herself on the floor and starts kicking at the tiles. A few whiny screeches may be involved, highlighted by tears and really blotchy cheeks. Yeah, talk about being ready for my close up. ;)

But seriously, why do some things have to be so darn hard? Why can't it all be as easy as polishing off a box of chocolates or singing along to Boney M's "Rasputin"?

And puh-leeze, don't go trying to convince me that all the hard work will pay off and make me feel an awesome sense of accomplishment when I'm laying this excuse out on the table. No way, no how am I gonna see the point of spending any more time on that "stupider than Jupiter" scheme. No offense to Jupiter, it just rhymes with stupider.

At this point my mantra is "Success be damned!" I'm gonna go hang out on the sofa and get all cranky. Maybe even watch a couple episodes of Temptation Island I still have on tape. Yeah, the ones with Catherine and Edmundo, the star-crossed nimrods who totally deserve each other.

And I'll be the first one to complain that I didn't get anything done that day. ;)

Now prepare yourself for an incredible dose of funkiness: