It's been very exciting over here at Casa Staring. So far, in three days we've received over 700 emails letting us know that our messages about increasing certain sizes and fulfilling women's dreams have not been able to reach all of the people we sent them to.

Oh yeah, and my name is Rita R New York, Rita S San Francisco or, my favorite, Rita S Chicago.

I'll admit, this was due to happen to us eventually, as the email address being used is one that we've had for ages. Like well over a decade. It just drives me nuts that a lot of people who received these message are cursing our email addy as they delete those pesky spams we never actually sent.

So if you got one from us, I apologize. If anyone has a way to resolve this issue without having to abandon the email address, please let me know. The sooner, the better!

Oh, and can I tell you how much fun it is when, in the middle of a batch of 200 "undeliverable spam" emails, I get four more forwarded messages from a well-meaning (yet obviously not aware of how I feel about forwards) girlfriend. Grr.

Kinda makes me want to send her address to Rita V Texas. ;)

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