Ugh. There have been oodles of discussions on appropriateness and rules on some of the loops I belong to lately, and it's enough to make me log out and do laundry instead.

Then again, I really can't complain. Those promises I made to myself last summer about being more active online and networking with others hasn't really been at the top of my list. Especially when I spend most of my time lurking. ;)

And I've misplaced my soapbox somewhere anyhow.

Rules get broken all the time. A lot of grammar rules get drawn and quartered on this blog every time I post. (Hooray!) But I'd rather not get bogged down in all the details in the ongoing discussions, especially not when I have enough stuff on my plate already.

Does avoiding the discussions altogether mean that I'm not being a good loop member? Maybe. But I'd rather stay safe behind the safety of my silence than risk the wrath of another member.

After all, the pen is mightier than the sword. ;)

Maybe I'll check out the archives instead.

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