Ugh. It's been a busy week work-wise, which is very nice for my personal slice of the economy, but I'm feeling quite sluggish as I try to catch up on everything. Especially the laundry and grocery shopping. :::clutches the coupons tightly to her chest:::

"I can't decide which project to focus on."
Hey, I caught that stink-eye! Don't go hating me because I have more than one idea. (Yeah, like I have two. Big whoop.) I know a lot of people who can totally surpass me in a "number of novels in some shape of progress" contest. And they should be very proud of themselves.

Their holiday cards are still in the mail.

I've been using this excuse a lot lately. No, not the "in the mail" one -- it's the whole "can't decide" thing that's gotten the best of me.

But why is that so terrible? Well, until I make a decision, nuttin' gets done. And that's deadly when it comes to generating more words and new pages on a manuscript. All the ideas just kind of sit there, gathering cobwebs, waiting for something more exciting than spellcheck to happen.

It's the freedom of choice dilemma: we all have the freedom of choice, but until you decide, you're trapped.

Since our time is so darn valuable, it's hard to leave the decision of what to focus on up to a coin toss or flip of a cat toy. Or, another favorite, basing the decision on the next shuffled tune on my MP3 player.

When "King Fu Fighting" plays, I still don't know which novel to work on. LOL

So, after hearing two or three songs that remind me of bad '80s outfits and the boys who rocked the acid-wash look perfectly, I wait for the muse to arrive. Then, when that doesn't happen, I look for inspiring words from other authors.

And that's when I notice that a lot of smart people out there warn us about falling into the "revision" trap. I'm guilty of that. Big time. So at least I know to focus on the stuff that isn't finished yet. Or maybe I should say: "isn't even written yet."

Oh yes, my work is cut out for me.

How about you? How do you choose which project you're going to work on?