There are dark times ahead, my friends. Mainly because I don't do too well in the summer sun. ;)

Seriously though, June has been a month of highs and lows already, and I haven't even gotten to all the game-show appearance stuff yet. (I can't spill any details, at least not until the show is broadcast. Let's just say I'm still buying lottery tickets. LOL)

So what has me all angsty, but in a good way? Getting closer to THE END. Sure, it's the same place I reached about this time last year on the same stinking manuscript, but this time it's stronger, more fun and filled with vitamins and minerals.

My motivation? The novel-in-waiting, which has gone from being all shiny and new to a foot-stomping terrible two to a... project I can't wait to lose myself in. Yeah, it's the part of the process I enjoy most, without all the revising and editing and pulling out my hair and rewriting entire sections thing.

I've even been doing something called plotting. Go figure.

And even though I'm not attending the RWA conference this year, I'm working hard on my pitch and my query for the novel that has almost killed me. A shorter title may be required, for a start. ;)

Now I must get back to the manuscript... no, the other one!

What about you? How do you balance finishing one project and starting another that's way more enticing than the one that needs to get done?

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