Normally I don't do book reviews on this blog, simply because there are enough book-reviewing sites out there. And I'm lazy. ;)

But after being nagged incessantly to finally read Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight series, I felt I had to say something. Like "I want those hours I spent reading back."

Okay, it wasn't that bad. I guess, after getting to know Edward, Jacob and the extremely annoying Bella, my expectations had been raised. Perhaps a little too high.

If you haven't read this 760-page epic yet and plan to, stop reading here. If you've read it already or simply plan on waiting for the movie, keep going.

Here's my review, told from Bella's point of view.

"Oh, how I long to become a vampire, even though I really haven't planned it out. Oh Edward! Huh, I don't feel so good... Aha! Let me make a decision that puts everyone in jeopardy, Yeah, that's it. Sure, people may die, including myself, but I did that in all the other books, so why not this one?

"What? I didn't die? It all worked out? How fabulous! But wait, there's more -- all those concerns I had about my beauty, my charm, my clumsiness? Gone! Not only am I absolutely perfect, I have set new standards in adjusting to my vampirism. Le sigh. Oh, life is perfect, even with the smelly werewolves lingering around.

"Oh dear. That "everyone in danger" thing? Looks like that's still the case. But, wouldn't you know, I have an ability that will allow me to save everyone! I know, wild 'eh? Thank goodness I ignored everyone's advice and did my own thing anyway, even though it put all at risk."

The End.

Yes, I realize I'm being cranky. One day I'm sure that some readers out there will have something similar to say about any of my novels. And it may hurt a little. But I think Ms. Meyer can deal. ;)

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