I don't know about you, but I'm trying hard to remember where 2009 went. Just the other day it seemed so bright and shiny in front of me, like a new Diet Coke can. Le sigh.

And those goals of mine are now covered with dust. Okay, some of them aren't, but a few are looking a bit on the rusty side. I blame all the rain we've been having.

Of course, I have a choice to make. I can beat myself up for the next month for not making the absolute most of every single moment I had or I can enjoy the ride and celebrate the small victories. You know, like finding the missing socks or discovering how to upload files onto my iPod shuffle.

Hey, technically adept, I'm not.

There have been a number of sitchiashuns (say it with a New York accent for full effect) that have made me feel a wee bit cranky. Hotmail server issues. People offering suggestions months after the request for ideas and the plans set in motion. Public transit fare hikes. Ugh, it's just Cranky Pants Central over here!

Shoot, I promised myself I'd stick to being positive and not portray a fine Canadian whine. ;)

I think it's best if I let Heather Small do the talking for me:

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