It's been a rough week over here at Casa Staring.

First, I went away on a wee trip to NYC with my mom for educational purposes (we studied shopping, bargain-hunting and how to ride the subway without ending up in Jersey). Then, while I was away, DH took Zaphod, the kitten of mass destruction, to the VET.

And he had to get a shot.

So, I returned home to find a twitching, hiding cat instead of our usual escape artist. He spent the entire weekend under the bed, stepping out from the darkness only to eat or use the litter box.

I felt so freaking guilty. I tried lying on the floor and talking to him.

He hissed.

I tried playing him the Fame soundtrack.

He growled.

Then, taking DH's advice, I ignored him.

It took four days for the ice around his feline heart to thaw. Of course, he's still giving me the stink eye when he thinks I'm not looking. But at least he's talking again. Really, really loud.

Of course, my becoming a crazy cat lady isn't really a significant event. Not when we've got H1N1 vaccine issues, politicians dancing and leftover Halloween candy everywhere. Le sigh.

And it's times like this, when the nights get dark in about twenty seconds, that I realize I live in a city where winter involves freezing temperatures and that other four-letter word, snow.

I wonder how Zaphod feels about wintering in Bermuda... I know DH is into it. ;)

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