Okay, I have to admit that I really wasn't looking forward to today. For the past two weeks I've been working on site for a client (meaning no naps or pajama-wearing during business hours) and doing a lot of freelance projects evenings and weekends. And some beta-reading and contest-entry judging. Mucho biz-ay.

So part of me was sorely tempted to not attend my RWA chapter's meeting today. I mean, I could have slept in, caught up my coupon clipping and had some quality time with DH and the evil kitten. But I had to go; it felt like I hadn't been there in ages.

And I'm so glad I went. C.J. Lyons did a great workshop on getting to the bones of your story and mapping out the pivotal points to bring up the emotional volume of a novel. Okay, I'm totally paraphrasing, but it made some things really click for me.

Of course, I also jumped at the opportunity to be a guinea pig and got the entire room to help me get a basic plot for my next WIP done. Thanks everyone! Now I just have to hold off on that one until I get the current WIP complete. Ah, the lure of a shiny new idea is too tempting...

It was also great to see other crazy people, er, I mean writers. People who get how frustrating things can be, people who understand how writing can be awesome and the exact opposite at the exact same time. I felt refreshed, encouraged and, perhaps after taking a wee nap, ready to tackle the next batch of pages on the current novel.

And I couldn't have gotten that from staying at home with the coupons. ;)

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