There's a lot of stuff happening. Too much, actually. And I've been trying my darndest to keep up, I really have, but what I have left with at the end of the day is "I guess I'll work on the novel tomorrow."

And you know what? That really sucks.

Trouble is, it's no one's fault but my own. I could have adjusted my schedule to get some quality writing time in. Surely I didn't need to see those CSI reruns, did I? Surely I didn't have to spend that hour or so playing online games?

But I did. And I know exactly why: I'm preparing for Draft Two -- the big honkin' revision round.

This is the round where some characters die or develop a new personality. Where plot points get polished or eliminated. Where foreshadowing and perhaps a description or two see the light of day.

Yeah, and I thought Draft One was bad. Huh, that part seems easy now.

So instead of staring at the Word doc until my forehead bleeds, I'm doing anything else. Like raking leaves, reading junk mail and watching a little trash TV. It's not like I meant to put off the writing, it just kind of happened.

Oddly enough, it appears that most books sold today didn't just happen -- they had authors who actually COMPLETED them. Le sigh.

That's my cue to get my butt in the chair again and get those words happening. Hopefully in a way that works for me, an agent, an editor and a whole bunch of readers.

But I'm still going to watch The Biggest Loser. That's a must-do. ;)

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