I know, I know. Here I go again, asking for your help when I really haven't done anything do deserve special treatment or even paper umbrellas. But Grandma always says, "If you don't ask, you don't get." And she's a verra, verra smart cookie.

Help me win
I'm entered in a Canadian contest to win a trip to Cuba for 20 people. Talk about a par-tay! Of course, I need to wrack up enough points to be in the running to win, so that's where you can come in to help. Just click on the link, sign up and post a photo. Don't worry about the daily photo voting if you don't wanna. Here's the link:


Help me earn a few cents
I've been writing for the Examiner for a while as the Toronto Freelance Life Examiner, but I haven't been telling people about it. So now I'm telling you. If you're a freelancer or know a freelancer, come on over and check out my articles on finding gigs, dealing with clients and other fun freelance life stuff. Here's the link:

Toronto Freelance Life Examiner

Thanks for your help! Oh, I better get some new tunes for my portable karaoke machine, Cuba is gonna be amazing!

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