Looks like the puddle I stepped in led to another dimension. One filled with snack foods and reality TV. ;)

The holidays are mere moments away, I have too much work on my plate (yeah, me!) and my current WIP is making me go there. You know, to a place where people suddenly don't crack jokes and burst into song.

Well, it's tempting, but the characters won't let me.

And there I was, back about the same time last year, thinking about how hard it is to get the words on the page without cracking a joke or bursting into song. Or Johnny Depp. Here's my blog post about it:


And you know something? It's hard to write anything as long as you think it's hard.

Yeah, I'm rolling my eyes, too. But it's true.

It's a lot harder to write when you think about writing instead of actually doing it. Yes, sometimes you need to let the ideas simmer and wait for the great shashoombas, but if you don't show up (by getting your butt in the chair), how will the muse know when to arrive?

Okay, must get back at it before the bad guy finds the karaoke machine...

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