It seems like it was just yesterday when I was checking out those goals for 2009 -- probably because I was. ;)

For 2010, I'm switching things up a bit, mainly because I'm finally realizing that I suck at multitasking. Seriously, even when I work from home I can't seem to remember to flip the laundry or feed the cat. Poor Zaphod.

So to make things easier and less stressful for those residing at Casa Staring, I'm limiting myself to five goals.

That's right: five. Talk about focus! Such streamlining!

Before you go thinking that I'm downsizing my dreams, take a look at my list:

1. Go for it
This covers just about anything and everything, whether it's landing a literary agent, another magazine column or that game show host gig I've always dreamed about. No more excuses; if I want it, I need to stop whining and go for it.

2. Finish what you start
Of course, this does not apply to boxes of chocolate or bags of chips. ;) This is mainly about the novel writing and the lure of the shiny new ideas that only come around when I'm in the middle of the project that should be done already. The way I see it, the more experience I have with finishing a novel, the faster I'll be able to write them. At least I hope so!

3. Think before taking on new things
One thing I've discovered over the past few weeks is that writing every day, working five days a week and getting in regular exercise and essentials like eating and sleeping can take up a lot of time. So before I add anything new to the mix, I better make sure it's something that brings me joy or saves the world.

4. Pay it forward
Sometimes I forget how freaking lucky I am with a husband who loves me (and cleans the house) and a cat who lets us reside in said house with him. Not only do I enjoy the work I do (okay, most of the time), I also get to work with some great people. And I'm also inspired by a great group of writers out there, both published and unpublished. So doing at least one nice thing a day for someone else is my way of thanking the Universe.

5. Clear out the clutter
This covers physical and emotional junk that is getting in the way of everything else. Of course, watching A&E's Hoarders makes me realize I gotz nuttin' on some folks, but I do have some work to do. And yes, it'll probably be a constant on every goal list I'll ever have, but it's an important one.

How about you? Have you cut back on your goals for 2010 or shaken them up to celebrate a new decade?

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