Everyone has a reason for not getting stuff done. Some even have a long list they drag around with them, just to keep track of the many obstacles in their path. I too have been known to toss out the odd comment or loop post, claiming to be too busy, double-parked or without the cabana boys necessary to accomplish a certain task.

Then I heard a very powerful sentence. It was while I was listening to a workshop CD from the RWA 2009 National Conference. (Or it could have been 2008, I'm not sure.)

And no, I can't remember who was speaking or the name of the workshop. That would be too clever of me. ;)

When one critique partner on the panel started talking about why she wasn't getting things done, the other woman stopped her and said:

"You're not special."

Talk about harsh! I had to rewind it, just to make sure I heard it correctly.

"You're not special."

Then the woman went on to explain that, as writers, we all have the same issues: getting words on a page, dealing with revisions, handling rejections, coming up with new ideas, etc. And that doesn't even cover the other stuff, such as family, friends, pets, any medical conditions, etc.

The fact is, we're all special, but not so much so that any one of us should have it any easier than the next person. ;)

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it... until I start whining about my next excuse. ;)

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