Yes, I spend way too much time and money entering writing contests, but I can't help myself. And this one I entered last year. You know, before I promised myself I wouldn't enter any more until the current WIP was done. And before I caved and entered another contest. Or two. ;)

Here's the scoop:

CTRWA would like the announce the finalists in The Write Stuff Contest!


Megan Delaney: Mystic Misfit by Bonnie Staring
Diary of a Teenage Superhero by Sharron Houdek
The Pact by Constance Gillam

SQUEE! News like this always seems to arrive right when it's needed the most. And I really appreciate it. I've been lucky to have contest judges who "get" my voice, and I've also been lucky enough to have some contest judges who totally Simon Cowelled my work (in other contests).

That's what getting feedback is all about. Sometimes they love it, sometimes they truly don't. And that's okay. As Nora Roberts says, "Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if they're wrong."

Now if only I can keep my eyes, fingers and toes crossed until the winners are announced in mid-to-late April...

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