It'll be a 6,000-word week, with the light at the end of the tunnel shining so brightly the kitten is having a nap in it. Le sigh.

There's been a lot of chatter about contest judging, that is writing contests and not the other ones where you fill out an online form and win free pizza for a year. It's been interesting to read what people have to say about contest judges and trying to understand the reasons why some score things low and others score things high.

I compare judge's responses to Amazon reviews, quite frankly. Because you never know how a reader will respond to your work.

And I think that's what some writers forget (including me on days that end with "y"): that everyone has an opinion, even if it sucks. Even if it means they think your protagonist is about as useful as a rungless ladder. Even if they'd rather get a full body wax than read past the first chapter.

Hey, I have opinions, too. And if I had my way, every TV show would have musical numbers. Even the CSI series ones.

Oh, could you imagine? DNA tests performed to the quick step? Processing a car done a la John Travolta's "Greased Lightning"? Or how about House and his team breaking into River Dance moves when they're analyzing a patient's symptoms? What channel can I get these on?

And speaking of creating the perfect story, here's a video I have to share on creating the perfect Academy Award-winning film. Enjoy.

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