There I was, planning to write a blog post that didn't involve contests, but then fate stepped in and changed everything.

The results are in!

My novel, Megan Delaney: Mystic Misfit, took second place in the Connecticut RWA's The Write Stuff Contest! Whoo hoo! Many thanks to the judges and everyone involved in this contest. You da best!

And, just when I the chocolate fountain warmed up, I found out that...

My other novel, Camp Awakening, took FIRST PLACE in the Chicago-North RWA's Fire & Ice Contest! I truly wasn't expecting this. When I entered, my novel and I weren't getting along. In fact, my main character was convinced that I was ruining her life, having her appear in this book.

I'm happy to say that she's delightfully miserable at the moment. And promises to hang around until the bitter end. ;)

It's a terrific feeling when people think your "baby" is as cute as you do. Now I just have to make sure I don't drive people crazy with baby photos and tales of her adventures so far.

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