I squeezed out 9,000 words for the novel this week. It was like taking on the world's largest zit, only less messy.

Seriously. Normally a word count like this would take months, especially now that I'm in Draft 2 mode. You know, the version where I need to let readers know where my characters are and what they might be thinking instead of just saying:

"Too bad about that thing."
"It's all right. I can deal."
And then they all died.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. One previously blocked by my refusal to open a vein and hold it over the keyboard. By not going there, to that place where bad things happen to characters. And to writers.

My lovely novel, Camp Awakening, is a finalist in the Wisconsin RWA's Fabulous Five Contest! I totally didn't expect it (this is the second contest this novel has been a finalist for) and I'm verra, verra excited. Yes, I love contests, especially when it works in my favour. The feedback from the first-round judges was truly helpful (and I'm not just saying that, really).

The contest organizers even sent me this awesome button to put on my blog:

Isn't it purdy? Now I have to figure out how to get it in my sidebar somehow. Maybe my resident cabana boy can help me.

Have an awesome week!

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