May swept in without the need for a raincoat, and now we have the heat back on. What's up with that?

And yes, I've been sweeping around like an extra in Mary Poppins with too chimneys to clean and one too many spoonfuls of sugar. Oh, I'd better start now before I break into song and start reminiscing about my favourite things. ;)

Some amazing things that have happened this weekend:

I moved my To Be Read pile onto my bookshelf so it no longer sits in five tall stacks on a dresser at the top of the stairs, threatening to topple onto the kitten of mass destruction when there's a sunbeam nearby.

I found three novels I could have sworn I'd lent to deadbeat friends who never returned them. (They're back on the Christmas Card list again... well, I've now friended them on Facebook.)

Actually functioned as one today for a lovely Mother's Day lunch instead of its usual place for the kitten and the boxes of stuff to hang out. Zaphod allowed everyone to live, and I prepared a three-course meal without causing DH bodily harm. Go me!

While enjoying a lovely post-workshop dinner with Harlequin Blaze's Senior Editor Brenda Chin and her editorial assistant Laura Barth, I did not make a complete fool of myself -- although I had performed a Madonna song parody before the workshop started. Yeah, that's me, the shy, reserved one with the sparkly lampshade on her head. ;)

And that's about it. May your month be full of great d's like these!

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