And it was a lot of fun. Shopping. Eating. A little bit of drinking and household karaoke may have been involved. Followed by pralines and cream ice cream.

All I can say now is I feel like I've been living like a teenager. In a much older body. LOL

Thanks to all who sent me Facebook wishes and caviar dreams. No, Robin Leach did not appear on my doorstep for an episode of Lifestyles of the Out of Tune and Infamous. And yes, I know I've dated myself by referencing a program that hasn't been on the air in this century.

Even more exciting was what happened on the day after my birthday: the earthquake!

So there I was, proofreading a document for a client on the eighth floor of an office building, when I could have sworn a bunch of elephants were dancing behind my chair. Or a very large graphic designer with a gang of production people. Carrying photocopiers.

I turned around and met the gaze of Hugh, the man across the cubicle farm hall from me. And that's when I noticed that the freaking building was moving. Not a lot, but enough to make me wanna throw up.

Bonnie: "Ohmigawd, are we having an earthquake?"

Hugh: "Feels like it."

Bonnie: "But earthquakes don't happen here. They happen in places like San Francisco."

Hugh: "Weren't you just there?"

Bonnie: "Yeah."

Hugh: "That explains it. You brought this home with you."

Lesson learned: people always blame the temp. ;)

Some people raced over to the window to watch the people spilling out of the office buildings onto the street while I struggled to remember what you were supposed to do during an earthquake.

Thoughts of standing in a doorway and avoiding elevators came to mind, but then I got caught up in everyone taking guesses at whether the quake was related to the G20 or not, or if another town was bearing the full brunt of the tremors.

I thought it was cool. Especially since it felt like being on that earthquake ride at Universal Studios. Except without the water and submerged subway.

And now I know that it's hard to proofread during an earthquake, no matter how small the tremors. ;)

How about you? Did you experience any wild acts of nature this week?