Seems that people only want work from me when I'm not around :)

It all started with our plans for a trip to see my out-of-town relatives. Instead of going up Easter weekend, we decided to go this weekend to avoid traffic and the whole mayhem that usually surrounds a holiday with my family.

Then the requests for my time started with the phone call at 5:30 pm on Thursday from a placement agency:

"Can you do a few hours of proofreading in the morning?" they asked.

"I plan on leaving town at noon."

Seemed that they only wanted someone for a maximum of 4 hours anyway, and I could always use the cash. So I packed the night before, knowing that my husband would be picking me up and then hitting the highway - hopefully by 1:00 pm.

Then I received an email from an editor: could I do a last-minute article by Saturday?

A friend who also works as a freelance writer called at about 8:00 pm. Could I take on some overflow work for her this weekend?

Now this is where it gets freaky people, I actually TURNED DOWN some work in order to go see the relatives. Of course, I felt that by saying no, the world would end.

Oddly enough, it didn't. And there was another assignment waiting in my inbox upon my return. Life is good.