I even had to wear a light jacket - I was so excited! Fall is an awesome time of year, mainly because of the efforts of millions of marketers who have convinced me that buying a new wardrobe every August is a perfectly normal thing.

Hmm. Time to pick up some extra work. ;)

Speaking of work, next week looks like a perfect time to work on the magazine article "to do" pile. And the revised article that will change my life is due Monday. I've already done the rewrite but want to wait until Sunday to give it a final review before I go hitting the send button.

I've also been lent a bunch of books to help me out with Draft 1. I've given myself until month's end to figure out a title. They say that freedom is having the power to decide. Yippee.

And freedom now means that you can't bring Chapstick onto a plane. First you take away the guns, then the knives, then the boxcutters, then the cigarette lighters and now the beauty products? Damn those terrorists! Let's hang them all!

Oops, forgot for a moment that I'm a Canadian. Let's spurn them as we walk past them on the street...but we don't know who they are...so we'll just do the same thing we always do. Nothing.

Shoot, I really didn't mean to get all political there. It's just that I'd really be lost without a lip balm on an aircraft. The air is really dry up there and I'd hate to arrive at my destination with dried-out lips.

That's just nasty.