Lara and I have both had poor writing posse experiences which have led us to avoiding the whole writing group/posse thing. Of course, this means that we've been missing out on the cool benefits of sharing and helping others (and ourselves) through the lonely world of writing.

So I've created a simple questionnaire for prospective writing posse members to fill out as an application. Feel free to submit your answers by posting a comment. Not sure where any of this is going to lead, but it's a fun ride so far.

1. True or false: You can read.
A) True
B) False
C) Aks me laater.

2. You are not currently with a writing group because:
A) You fear rejection
B) You have a possessive significant other
C) Your cell block doesn't have one

3. Finish this phrase: Writing is ________.
A) Something I enjoy
B) Something I'm truly gifted in
C) Something to do with letters of the alphabet, but without the soup

4. You are reading another writer's work and don't particularly enjoy it. You:
A) Try to find some good things to comment on, as well as the bad
B) Rewrite the whole thing for the loser
C) Tell the writer you used the pages to build a fire for a sacrificial ritual

5. True or false: Your first drafts are perfect.
A) False
B) True
C) Why are you asking me about hockey?

6. Where do you currently go for inspiration?
A) A number of websites about writing
B) That's funny, because people go to you
C) To the bathroom

7. Do you prefer to meet offline or online?
A) Either
B) Your place and your place only
C) The parallel universe works better for you, or planet Zorcon

8. If someone offered you constructive criticism, you would expect it to be:
A) Helpful
B) Stupid
C) On construction paper

Okay Lara, let's see what happens with this.