Need to beef up your resume? Join the club.

But how can you filter through all of the websites, how-to books and words of wisdom passed down by someone you've met at the unemployment line? Which skills are must-haves for employers and which ones are best left off the page?

I dunno.

Then again, there are a lot of things that people do every day that can quickly be turned into resume-able skills. Don't feel restricted by what you think those action-oriented descriptions mean, it's time to think outside of the parallelogram! All you need is a dash of confidence and a heap of irony to make this work for you in an interview situation.

Are you the type of person who can't stand lengthy conversations about nothing in particular?
Your skill: a results-driven attitude

Are you constantly worried about your bank balance?
Your skill: bottom-line thinking

Can you find ways to stay on the couch for an entire weekend?
Your skill: effective resource management

Did you file your taxes on time last year?
Your skill: organized and adept at time-sensitive projects

Did you at least file your taxes?
Your skill: organized

Do you have season tickets for anything?
Your skill: long-range planning

Can you see a plot twist coming on your favourite show before the first commercial break?
Your skill: beyond-the-curve thinking

Like screaming at other drivers when you're behind the wheel?
Your skill: hands-on team leadership

Like screaming at other drivers when you're on the sidewalk?
Your skill: suited to leading off-site teams

With just a few of these skills on your spiffy new resume, you're sure to be called in to interview for that dream job.

Just don't use me as a reference, please and thanks.