That little word has so much power, it scares me sometimes.

Why? Because it can make the difference between a good gesture and a need for attention, a charge of manslaughter and first-degree murder, and a simple pot-luck error or soiree sabotage.

Who the heck brought the chocolate fountain and forgot the chocolate? Ack!

Intent ties into a lot of things. Some call it The Secret and others call it working to a higher purpose, whether it be the heavens above or an already established five-year plan. When I find myself struggling with a decision to make, I sit back and look at what my intentions would be for doing or not doing the task at hand.

Usually that shows me whether or not I'd be doing something for the "right" reasons. Of course, I use the word "right" with a heavy grain of salt, since there are no right or wrong reasons, just ones that work or don't work toward what we're trying to achieve.

Gosh, that sounds preachy, doesn't it? LOL

What I mean is, if I'm doing something for the "wrong" reason, chances are I'm gonna feel like a lump of crud at the end of it. Forget about that sense of accomplishment; I'll be kicking myself for taking on the task in the first place.

Kind of like offering to store five-hundred chocolate cupcakes in my basement overnight. You know that's just gonna turn into a bad scene. Especially if there's a full carton of milk in the fridge.

Stay true to your intentions, and you'll always find yourself close to the path you need to be on.

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