Okay, it's been lame-o-rama over here in BonnieLand. But for good reason. ;)

Here's what's been holding me back this week:

"Project Runway Canada is on"
Now, if you don't live in Canada, that's just too bad. Because you missed some mighty fine programming. First, we have Iman as the host, who has impeccable style, a groovy rock star husband and an accent that makes anything she says sound perfectly bitchy.

"Sorry, you didn't make the cut."

But what makes this excuse even more lame than usual was what happened on this week's episode. Fourteen designers (most from Toronto, go figure) all showed up with their portfolios, luggage and attitude, and, before we got to the first runway show, two had bailed due to health reasons.

Poor Brian Bailey, the show's design mentor for the contestants. There he was, taking the designers somewhere "private" (with a camera crew and microphone) to help them through their decisions and ensure that they really wanted to miss out on the Project Runway Canada opportunity. At least Brian doesn't look so much like a bad '70s flashback as he did last season. He was all moustache, no man.

I can only imagine what the producers were thinking while all this was going down. It probably rhymed with the word duck.

Never before did I realize how unhealthy the fashion industry is. One gal had an anxiety attack, which resulted in a free trip to the hospital. (After all, this is Canada.) Then, the next day, a designer who had won his battle with cancer had to withdraw due to some complications (his legs were swelling up and he wasn't looking too good).

How was I supposed to get anything done with all this going on?

For a moment, it looked like the remaining designers might get a reprieve. You know, since two of the fourteen were, like, outta there already.

But no, those stinky producers let the elimination proceed as planned, leaving me wondering if the season will be a few episodes short. Or if they'll add some new competitors next week.

So, yeah, the Project Runway Canada drama cut into the time I would have normally spent on my work in progress. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

But that only explains my lack of progress for a few hours. The rest of the time I blame on the alien abduction.