June swept in, grabbed hold of the nachos and disappeared around the corner. Whew! Now July has settled in around the inflatable pool and I'm running low on paper umbrellas.

Not that I have much to celebrate for this goal check, my friends.

Let's see where things are at:

1. Go for it
STATUS: Needs more work.
An object at rest, stays at rest. That's all I can say about this. Time to find my chutzpah, crack the whip and every other cliche out there to get back on the bandwagon. I will give myself points for running off to San Fran for a wild girls' getaway in early June. That's something I would have talked myself out of last year.

2. Finish what you start
STATUS: Do you smell something burning?
Ugh. The project that should be done is not. It requires a rewrite of epic proportions and I need to step away from it for a while. Right now we're not on the most friendly of terms. Yes, words have been exchanged and my heroine might be threatening to sue, but this too shall pass. Like a kidney stone.

3. Think before taking on new things
STATUS: It's working!
This is one area where I've experienced success. Yes, I've taken on some new things, but for reasons that work for me, my family and my schedule. The other stuff, someone else can do.

4. Pay it forward
STATUS: Ongoing
This one is challenging some days, easy breezy on others. It could be that when I'm working from home I tend to be completely unaware of anything or anyone except the kitten of mass destruction. But I'm making progress. Or at least I think so.

5. Clear out the clutter
STATUS: Ongoing
It amazing how stuff can pile up when I'm not looking. Thankfully, I haven't taken on a whole bunch of new things so I've had time to root around the physical and emotional stuff and toss some things out -- or drag them out onto the driveway so DH can run over them. No animals have been hurt in the decluttering process. All of Zaphod's toys, including the twig and bottle cap, are still present and accounted for.

So, am I satisfied with my progress. No, but that's okay. Some progress is better than none, and there's still six months left, right?

How about you? How are your goals for 2010 shaping up?

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