Does anyone have the home address of the guy who invented the online verification code? A man had to come up with something this annoying. (Remember, I enter a LOT of contests that have all versions of these freaky security codes.)

You might even live next door to him. He's the one who always has you look at a set of jumbled-up numbers and letters and then you have tell him what they are. Sometimes with the lights off.

Could you imagine if you had to have a verification code for offline things as well?

Here are a few examples that come to mind:

Getting the newspaper: you have to state the code that the paperboy wrote on his arm and then tried to rub off. With his own spit.

Parking: you have to spot the code in the pool of oil behind your right front tire, then tell it to the homeless guy on the left side of the bench. In French.

Getting help at a department store: check out the sales clerk's left eyelid - you have to state the code that's blended into her eyeshadow. In sign language.

Anyone else have some cool offline verification code ideas? Bring 'em on!