There are times in life when all you really need is a cookie. Like after spending three hours weeding the garden, and it doesn't really look any different. At least the robins and squirrels were entertained.

So I made a cup of tea and reached for the unopened package of cookies on the top shelf. Large text on the front of the package caught my attention. It wasn't the name of the cookie, it was a disclaimer. Right under the stunning image of the shortbread, it read: Cookie enlarged to show detail.

As if the average consumer couldn't figure that out. The cookie in the photo was about 6" in diameter. How would it fit into the skinny package? Better still, how could a serving size of two cookies only have 100 calories? The bag would only be able to hold four cookies. Man, that would be a bummer. Especially if you paid full price.

You know the legal stuff got on the package because someone out there actually complained or attempted a law suit. Yeah, they took the cookie man to court and sued for emotional distress. Over a shortbread. Maybe the plaintiff even referred to the company rep as the cookie monster. Now that would have been cool to watch.

C is for court case, that's good enough for me...