I had an interesting experience last week. Through a referral from my next-door neighbour, I was hired for a three-day gig at an agency for writing/editing/proofing recruitment ads and other HR-related items for their never-ending roster of clients.

My neighbour said that work was fairly easy, even though the amount of work can be a tad overwhelming at times. So, making sure I didn't have yoga pants on by mistake, I arrived at the office a bit early to ensure that I met with my temporary boss to get set up.

Then David walked in.

David and I worked together in another lifetime, when I had just graduated from comedy school and couldn't seem to find paying work. (Yes, disillusionment can be a funny thing, after a period of about six months.) We were both working at a movie theatre of all places. He had even mentioned way back then that I should put in a resume at his "regular job", but I was holding out for that hot agency gig or TV show contract.

Fast-forward three years, and here we are, chatting like we've been working together forever. Even the rest of the studio staff are a blast to work with.

They've asked me to come back in on Monday and Tuesday. And David's asked if I'd want to work there full time...

I said I didn't think I'd be able to do the job five days a week, but two or three might work. If they'd have me. The work is straightforward, the people are fun and the pay is perfectly acceptable. They even have treats (chocolate, snacks and popsicles) on Thursday afternoons! How cool is that?

We'll see how it goes. Fingers, toes and eyes are crossed that this may be the little bit of stability I need so that I don't have panic attacks when I look at bank statements and ATM slips. It would also keep me away from the fridge...and Dr. Phil.

Another thing: it's nice being around people. They make things a lot more enjoyable. Especially when I get home, sit at the computer and try to come up with ideas for the WIP or articles to query. I just think about what topics came up around the water cooler, and off I go to Idealand.

Of course, this could all be an illusion put up by those weasels who want me to stop working on my WIP. But it all seemed so real, I swear!