Monday: work for one of my favourite clients, Client A,(okay, all clients who pay are my favourite) and learn that one of the writers will be taking the Tuesday after the long weekend off as a vacation day. I ask the manager if he'd like me to come in to cover for the writer. He says he'll get back to me.

Tuesday: Work another day for Client A. Mention the Tuesday shift again, manager says he'll have to check on the expected workload. I decide to leave it at that for the rest of the day. This is my last shift with Client A for this week.

Wednesday: Submit invoice with a note about covering off on the Tuesday. At this point the office I'm now at from Wednesday to Friday (Client B) is asking if I can work this day as well. (Note: Client A pays more.) The manager replies to my email, saying they don't expect it to be too busy, so I won't be needed.

Thursday/Friday: Work for Client B, agree to an additional shift with them on Tuesday.

Long Weekend: Buy shredder. Change life.

Tuesday, 8:47 a.m.: Receive a phone call from Client A. Another one of their writers is sick today, leaving them short two bodies, can I come in?

The thing is, I normally don't nag people to death about getting another shift. Normally I'd just let it go at the first mention on Monday. But I asked him THREE TIMES. It's as if I knew that they would need me to come in. But if there is a rule in the freelance world, it's this:

Never give up guaranteed work for a definite maybe.

And hey, I was getting multiple definite no's. But don't you find that kind of weird? Am I gaining some strange kind of ESP (extra shift perception)?

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