The shoot for the Emily Haines video for her new solo single, Doctor Blind, lasted 10 hours. And it started at 9:30 p.m.

Man, it was fun!

Although I did not get to tape the "racing with a shopping cart" scene (it had been cut), I was able to become a stuntwoman and fall back onto mats and in a strange contraption that gave the illusion of me hitting the floor. Without too much bloodshed.

They provided us with super-tacky outfits to wear. If you're looking for me in the video, I'm the one with the sleeveless dark blue tunic and orange/green/purple and black leggings. Yeah, you read that correctly; I'm a trailer park fashionista.

Hopefully I don't get edited out because my outfit's too darn hot. ;)

Even though I did get to look at the storyboard, I really don't understand what the heck the video is about. They also shot it out of sequence, and most of the scenes I was in had me lying on a hard department store floor. Yeah it was pretty cool.

The food offered up by the craft services team was awesome. Butter chicken and vegetarian stir fries - bring it on! Even though the timing was all wrong (as in, I should have been unconscious), I just had to have a helping of everything. They even had tiny boxes of Mike and Ike's on hand. I grabbed a couple to take home.

Emily was great, even though she is super skinny, and the rest of the cast and crew were very nice...except for one snooty biatch who we only saw once in the breakroom and another background actor who complained about everything the entire time.

"What if we get hurt doing these falls? What kind of insurance policy do you have?"

"This better not last all night, I have to get to work tomorrow."

"They better feature me, I'm a character actress you know."

"They better have vegetarian meals, I haven't eaten meat in five years."

"I have a better idea on how they could shoot this, do you which one the director is?"

She happened to mention that she's a professional actress several times and felt that this job was totally beneath her. So why did she show up? The rest of us found ways to avoid her, which led to some severe giggle fits once sleep deprivation hit us at about 4:30.

I also met Jody, a fellow background actor (for this video, we all dream of stardom or at least a close up) who just happened to be on my "reveal" jury when I was on Style By Jury. What fun! I got to hear her side of the story of what it's like to sit in a stifling little room while being barked out instructions on what to comment on. Nice.

OVERWHELMING PROJECT UPDATE: It has come to my attention that I have not even started the screenplay for the writing contest, which is due in about 36 hours, so I may just have to let that go. After all, I have a full day proofreading, appearing on a game show and finishing the first draft of the WIP all coming up at the same time. Thank goodness I picked up Diet Coke yesterday.

On that note, must get back to the WIP. Here's a cool quiz I've borrowed from Nienke's site:

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