The job that was supposed to keep me busy until September 30 has vanished into thin air. Luckily other clients have work for me to do as I mourn the loss of major dependable income.

I didn't really want that contract anyway. Well, that's what I've been telling myself since I got the news yesterday. It's not helping.

:::knocks back another Diet Coke to kill the pain:::

But what has been keeping me busy (besides article rewrites) is coming up with a cool title for Draft 1. I have one that I really like (it's been two days already and it's still on the list) but it may attract younger readers. So the hunk-hunka-burning-love scene may need a bit of reworking. Like they'd have to keep their clothes on or something. Maybe lose the extra tuba player too.

No contest wins yet for the month of August...and it's already the 10th. Guess I'll just have to watch the Hoff video again.