Of course, why should you care? You probably came here looking for something slightly wacky or even on the humourous side and here I am, whining and bitching like an old maid again.

Not that all old maids are like that, I'm mainly referring to the woman with 200 cats who wonders why her neighbours want her arrested. Or Febreezed.

There's a lot of stuff going on over here in BonnieLand, the theme park where everyone's a winner, and I just happened to get stuck on the Tirades of the Caribbean ride a few times too many. I'd much rather be on Pigs in Space Mountain right now. ;)

Good news items:
1. I had an article rejected, yet was invited to pitch it again in six months if I haven't sold it to anyone else by then.
2. I have an audition for a new adventure. It's a documentary type of project about aging and beauty. I will be playing the part of the forehead wrinkle. (Just kidding, I'm not sure what it involves, will share the deets once I get them.)
3. The next novel is spilling out of my head faster than I can type, which really is a good thing. Will update word count tomorrow.
4. Deal or No Deal has not rejected me yet.
5. Tomorrow is Friday! Woo hoo! It's been a busy week and I'm really looking forward to a day filled with absolutely nothing on Saturday. Hang on, do I have plans on Saturday? :::searches for calendar and comes up with a napkin instead:::

Restraining myself from strangling complete strangers takes a lot more out of me than I realized. ;) Let's see how I can use this in the novel.