I'm in that yawning chasm of waiting. Waiting for responses on queries. Waiting for the confirmation of assignments. Waiting for feedback from the betas.

Of course, none of these are due today. In fact, some don't even have a clear due date. But it's the waiting that kills me every time. This is when the Penguins of Panic do their little happy dance.

I bet this is how the film Happy Feet got its start!

And now, to add fuel to the waiting fire, I now pine for word from Deal or No Deal. Okay, it's been less than 12 hours, but I'm really excited about this. What am I gonna wear?

But before I can even plan my accessories, the nagging doubt-filled questions plague my thoughts. Will my media whoring of the past prevent me from appearing on America's favourite game show (well, it is according to the press releases)? Will my total failure on You Bet Your Ass keep me away from the ability to lose even more money?

And I don't even have Lost to console me this evening, just America's Next Top Gherkin. :::sighs and adds pickles to the grocery list:::