I read somewhere that the surname Garcia will overtake Smith in popularity in the US by the year 2010 or so. :::renames all characters in WIP:::

There is still a ton of stuff going on over here in BonnieLand, along with all the slipper wearing and bon-bon eating. Oh, I meant to say healthy vegetable eating. With low-fat dip.

Working from home does present the problem of being way too close to the shiny new idea box. Even from two floors away I can hear the tapping of one extremely excitable idea that has been bouncing between being an article or a book.

The easy choice would be the article; it's shorter. But part of me says to do both, and use the reaction of said article to help shape the book idea. What I really want to know is when did that logical segment of my brain show up? Was I watching You're the One That I Want at the time?

Still...that sounds like a good plan. To accomplish some other month. I think it's time for a little list:

Articles due between now and March 1: 6
Other writing projects: 5
Pages left on WIP: 280
Contest wins to date for 2007: 1 (Boo!)
Clutter to sort out: way too much
Books on the TBR pile: 10
Stress level (out of 10): 6.5

Gee, once I get it all down it doesn't look completely impossible. Well, except for the clutter. ;)

Ooh, I almost forgot--check out the cool Meez that Michelle put together for me: