Congratulations go out to Sara, the winner of the "What will you do with 200 words?" contest. Check out her wonderfully dark story here. It'll give you goosebumps.

Sara, please send your addy to starringbonnie at hotmail dot com so I can send you your incredibly tacky prize.

Winter finally arrived in Toronto with freezing rain followed by snow, making walking an adventure and driving best left to those who aren't idiots. At least I found great winter boots on sale so my feet stayed warm and dry during the trek downtown.

There are a ton of things going on over here, the most important being the return of 24. SPOILER ALERT: Jack Bauer isn't just cool, he's a vampire! Ooh, and now he's feeling remorse about the five gazillion spies and terrorists he's snuffed out during the past five seasons. Way cool. But what else can you say for a show that has two two-hour shows to launch the season?

Hmm, doesn't American Idol have that happening this week too? (Not that I'm gonna watch or anything.)

Wouldn't it be cool to have a showdown between Jack Bauer and Simon Cowell? Maybe Jack could go for him after Simon gives a particularly nasty critique. I can just picture it now:

JB: "I'm a Federal agent, drop your microphone!"

SC: "Wot? Did Ryan Seacrest put you up to this?"

JB: "Put your hands over your head and step away from Paula Abdul."

SC: "Someone call security..."

JB: "Sir, I am security and you're the reason I'm here."

SC: "Really? I see an American, but I don't see an American Idol."

A single shot rings out.

SC: "That was absolutely horrible. You barely nicked my spleen. Can't you do better than that?"

Two more shots ring out.

SC: "Okay, there's an improvement. But in this business, you only get one shot. You're just lucky I let you shoot me three blooming times."

Paula Abdul knocks Simon over the head with a crowbar.

JB: "Thank you. You've done this country a great service."

PA: "You can say that again. I broke a nail and everything."

Have a fun Monday everyone!