I dread doing outlines. It's probably because if I know where I'm going in a scene, I get there in about three lines. Not a good thing when you're trying to fill up over 300 manuscript pages.


They do make things easier when you're trying to think of where your characters need to go next and you're not allowed to use all-you-can-eat buffets, cozy bistros or situations where twelve new characters need to be added.

:::deletes latest coffee shop scene that suddenly appeared when she wasn't looking:::

That's not saying that I don't have a plan. There are character arcs, goals, motivations and conflicts aplenty. And the general idea of how it will all play out. But I'm a panster by nature. There is nothing more enjoyable for me than starting at Point A, sliding over to Z, L and Q and then picking up a Diet Coke before I head back to Point B.

I think it works. The responses to my queries will let me know for sure. ;)

In other news, this is the week when I am in demand. Headhunters, family members, clients I haven't heard from in a dog's age, editors and even an unsuccessful robber are all vying for my time (or handbag).

If this is the universe responding to my request for a sign that I'm on the right path, I got it--loud and clear.