As a member of Toronto Romance Writers, I was invited to participate in a show called Test the Nation: Mind Your Language. It's a sub-group of the Test the Nation television machine (originally from the UK) that pegs different types against each other in a battle of spelling, grammar and other things I have long since forgotten since my scholarship English classes.

I was excited at first, and then I took a sample test on the UK web site. My results (40/70) didn't have me feeling confident. Terrified yes, ready for a game-show close up? Not particularly.

Of course, I'm a regular game show losere (that's loser with a French accent). On CBC radio I lost to a singer with an impossible-to-beat knowledge of great music on Grooveshinny (click here and select "Performances" if you want to hear parts of it). On You Bet Your Ass, I totally blew it in the final round - on a "game show host" question no less.

But you never know, maybe this language quiz is just the arena I need to show off my stuff.

Did I mention that the prize is basically being on the show? (A loot bag has been mentioned, but I'm not holding my breath--it's painful with these particular sweatpants on.) And if you wanna know when you can bear witness to this media event, it's scheduled for the fall. Probably up against America's Next Top Gherkin or Who Wants to Sleep with My Sister.

Heck, maybe I can use it in my next novel or something.

Wish all 36 of us luck! We're from across Canada, all romantics at heart. GO TEAM!