Okay, I've spent the past couple days reading The Secret and I think I've done myself a brain injury.

The concept is very cool, but it's the need to change a few decade's worth of bad thinking habits that gives me pause. Why? Because at times thinking positive thoughts and sending happy vibes out to the Universe is really hard to do. Especially if you're riding on overcrowded public transit or dealing with a telemarketer who just won't get off the phone. But I digress.

The thing that really has me stuck is the whole "asking for what you want" part. I now know that I'm being way too general when I ask the Universe for something. Here are just a few examples (with their appropriate course corrections):

I want more work. (I'm glad I have more paying work.)

I want to be able to finish my novel. (I feel so great because I've finished my novel.)

I wish I had more time. (It's very cool that I have so much time to get things done.)

I hate my wardrobe. (I'm thankful to have such beautiful clothes in my closet.)

I never win any contests. (I'm so fortunate to win all of these contests.)

See what I mean? You have to pretend that what it is that you need has already arrived, which totally goes against what I usually do: spot the flaws and serve them up with a fine whine. Well, those days are over.

Seriously. This isn't like all those other self-help books on my shelf. This one is totally going to make a difference. I can feel it already, can't you? Oh, that could be the nice spring weather we're having. ;)

Hey, you never know if something's going to work until you try it, right? Right.

I'll keep you posted.