Three days a week I work in an office doing proofreading and editing for a branch of the government involved in education. It's taught me a lot about what I should have learned while I was in school. ;)

As I'm a freelancer, there is no name plate at my desk. I also share this desk with the woman who works the other two days a week. She is also blond, yet not as attracted to 80s tunes and bad David Hasselhoff videos as I am. Her name is Monica.

Our supervisor has nicknamed us Bonica. We think it's pretty darn cool.

Since Monica has worked there longer than I have, people outside of our department do everything in their power to refer to me as "hey you," "editor" or, when they are really desperate, "Monica."

This is also the perfect environment to remain invisible, as I have witnessed some pretty strange things happening to people who stand out in a government office. You see it on TV all the time, especially on shows like 24.

But, as a media whore, I can't just blend in. That goes against my natural instinct to work a crowd and discover some form of fame to make the drudgery of work go by a lot faster. Snack foods help, but laughter is less taxing on my blood sugar levels.

Oh, I'm not saying that the work in question is drudgery. Okay, maybe the past few weeks have been evil, but this too shall pass.

Having to be a cog in the wheel for three days a week is a small price to pay for the rest of the week when I can write magazine articles, appear in videos and work on the WIP. Sure, sometimes my work week is seven days long, but I'd much rather do this than be doing the same thing for 40 hours a week.

So I must tip my hat to the writers out there who are working their novels on top of a day job and/or motherhood and/or caring for an elderly parent. You are the superheroes.