I have discovered that as I've gotten older, the less tolerant I have become of certain types of behaviour. Namely the hurry-up-and-wait method and those who just don't "get" anything. For the past little while I have allowed myself to become quite angry at why some people were making me wait (after hurrying up) and others were just not getting it. To say that it was driving me nuts would be an understatement.

The DH even started wearing headphones. All the time.

He said that my aura spelled out the words "DEATH TO THE UNACCEPTED" in three languages. Though he might have been exaggerating; I think it was only in English and Pig Latin.
Then that little golden rule came to mind. The one about what when others make us angry it's usually because it reminds us about something we don't like about ourselves. Rats. The voice of reason was freaking right again. I hate it when that happens.

And I must admit that I have fallen into the trap of taking on way too much for a cranky crazy person. Oh, that would be me. The one in the paint-stained yoga pants with the Turbie Twist wrapped around her head, waiting for the ideas to come so that I can complete the two magazine articles I have due tomorrow. And then I'll finish the synopsis of my reworked novel for a critique session on Saturday that I'm ill-prepared for. Hopefully they won't rip it to shreds, but I'm bringing pepper spray just in case.

All in all, it's been a very busy March already, and it's only the 8th. Happy International Women's Day everyone!