Today I spent part of the day in terror as I waited for five members of a critique group to read my synopsis for Suds and then provide me with their comments. In case you weren't aware, I've had some pretty heinous critique-group situations in the past. I even joked with the women today by mentioning that I had pepper spray in my handbag just in case things turned nasty.

Calories burned in the few minutes waiting for them to read must have added up to over 4,000. Luckily Michelle Rowen bought me a cookie. One woman kept on laughing out loud as she read, and I prayed that it was with my words, and not at them.

The feedback on this synopsis was my final test for my new non-murderous ending. The mighty shashoomba. Although one beta told me it was a terrific idea, I needed to hear it from someone who wasn't familiar with the RIP. Not that I didn't like her opinion. ;)

Turns out I had nothing to fear. They liked it, hey Mikey! I even had the author running our group tell me that I had a great voice and a very interesting idea! How cool is that?

Now I have all the motivation I need to finish this darn thing and get it sold. If only I still had that time machine so I could make it all happen in just a few hours.

Wish me luck!