I mean, I already spend far too much time online. To create a Facebook page and then invite every single person in the universe I know to be my friend...sounds like a lot of fun...or high school all over again. ;)

On MySpace, I only made it halfway down the first page of the registration form before I totally chickened out. Heck, isn't having a blog scary enough? Especially one that your relatives read? (Hi Dad!)

But, as some friends have told me, Facebook really could change my life. Make me a staaah.

Only you and I both know that Facebook won't finish writing my novel for me. And that's what it really all comes down to: getting the revisions DUN so that I can start the next great Bonnie Staring creation.

I do have some photos that I would put on my Facebook page if I had one.

Like this one of the movie theatre marquee that the makeover show I was on (Style By Jury) did up when they took over a theatre to show me footage of myself wearing really ugly clothes on the big screen.

Did I mention that I was wearing horizontal stripes? I still wake up screaming at night.

Oh, and who can forget Mr. Uglyfish? He deserves his own Facebook page. It's just hard to do without thumbs. Or hands for that matter.

And you know what would happen if Mr. Uglyfish and I both had Facebook pages. Everyone would invite him to be their friend, not me.

I wouldn't blame them though, he's a hit with the ladies. ;)