There. I said it. Put it out there with a can of silly string and rainbow-coloured legwarmers to boot. Last night the DH and I sat in the SECOND ROW at Massey Hall and thrilled in Weird Al's...weirdness...

It was loud. It was hilarious. Streamers and fake $100 bills fell from the ceiling at different parts during the show. I swear, the man had more costume changes than Cher's last tour. My sides still ache from laughing and cheering simultaneously.

The wildest part was that my cousin, who told me about the show, ended up in seats right behind the DH and I. Talk about a cruel twist of fate -- especially since the DH is rather tall -- lucky for those behind us we left the beach hats at home.

And how did this help me work through the last of the H&B pages? Uh, it didn't. Nor did completing three interviews for two magazine articles with due dates approaching quickly. Oh, and I caught most of a The White Rapper Show episode today...and entered 598 contests. ;)

But just because I've fallen off the wagon doesn't mean I can't get back onto it, even though Canada's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance and that new show with Wayne Brady and messed-up song lyrics are all on tonight. Le sigh.

That's what VCRs are for. The DH has even abandoned me (so that "his breathing doesn't bug me") to go see the new Harry Potter film. Without me!

I have no one to blame but myself though. I told him that I wouldn't go unless I was done the offline edits -- and I'm not. So here I am, doing a blog entry instead.

Makes perfect sense to me. ;)