After all the fun I've had over the past couple of days, I really wasn't looking forward to the things I had to take care of today.

Why? Because it was all the following up and business maintenance stuff I normally take care of on Friday mornings. And since last Friday was an official holiday for moi, I needed to postpone these duties until today. They involved asking questions like:
  • Dude, where's my money?
  • Hey, where are those answers to the interview questions I sent you?
  • Yo, I never got that assignment letter. Where the heck is it?
  • Are you going to confirm the days you need me to come in for you or what?
These are asked in a much more professional manner, like totally.

And, once all the questions are asked, I get to really have a Word Office Suite par-tay by submitting invoices, polishing off articles, double-checking article due dates and tracking outstanding queries.

Have you noticed that I haven't mentioned the book yet? ACK!

The good news is that I am able to make a living doing this thing called writing. The bad news is that I'm allowing it to prevent me from finishing this novel and getting the next one down on paper. Which is also considered writing, but in another form: much more lengthy.

Maybe taking a month off for my birthday isn't such a bad idea after all. ;)