So there I was, minding my own business, working my way through the last batch of nasty H&B pages when I found myself placing my heroine in yet another restaurant.

Can you believe it? After all the ripping out of other eating scenes and scenarios involving food I discovered that I had written these words last night:

The second plate of fries wasn't as tasty as the first, but I nibbled at them anyway.

Oh. My. Gawd. Is it possible for me to write 10 pages before I start referring to every food item that I'm craving at the time? Do I need to take diet pills just to stop this high-carb writing?

Not only will this type of writing leave my heroine at over 700 pounds by the end of the book again, Weight Watchers will ban this novel as it would be cruel and inhumane punishment for their members to read it. Le sigh.

Apparently old habits die hard. It would be hilarious though if this was turned into a movie. All the location scouts would have to do is find about 14 restaurants of varying price points and they'd be covered.

Maybe it's time to stop for a snack...