Yesterday was just too freaky for words. And it was a Friday. ;)

The DH and I were expecting three lovely ladies for an afternoon visit (they wanted to see Zaphod, and who doesn't, really?) when the doorbell rang. Instead of seeing Michelle, her mom and her sister, I found Mike, one of my comedy school classmates.

At that moment a few reasons for his drive-by, almost three years since we last saw each other, went through my mind:

1. He saw the article in Homemakers and wanted to congratulate me.

2. He saw the article in Homemakers and wanted to hit me up for a loan.

3. He wanted to recruit me for Amway.

4. He ran out of gas around the corner and needed $20.

Okay, all joking aside, it was great to see him, but his timing couldn't have been worse. A few minutes into catching up, the three kitten-loving ladies arrived and I soon had six people in our tiny living room. Plus a wee kitten who was cuddled up with the DH wondering what the heck was going on, since he really wanted to run around on the couch with his favourite hunk of rope.

Oh yeah, we've spared no expense for Zaphod.

At the risk of being rude to my expected guests, I dragged Mike into the kitchen so that the kitten love-in could continue without our post-comedy-school comparison getting in the way. While I shied away from performing, Mike has been doggedly working at it. And I applaud him for it as it takes a lot of guts to eke out a living in the world of stand up. Since graduation, Mike's hooked up with an agent, gotten some regular gigs and even appears in the video that shows what to do in case of an emergency on Air Canada flights. Very cool!

He and his wife also have a two-year-old. We have a kitten. :)

And the reason Mike dropped by? He was in the neighbourhood, saw the front door open and decided to drop by to say hello. He didn't event know about the Homemakers article, so I had a chance to brag about my writing career...and that I was on my way to landing an agent of my own. In my case a literary one.

Despite the years, not much has changed with my comedy comrade. His features light up when he talks about his last gigs and he drops the odd name without being too much of a braggart. He's always been a guy with his heart in the right place, even though his love of all things hockey meant that a lot of his sketches in class had a particular theme.

We both share a certain sense of dissatisfaction with comedy school, as there's nothing worse than experiencing comedic peer pressure (Make us laugh! Go ahead!) when you're in your 30s.

Ah, good times. Well, not really. But at least the course gave us a chance to learn more about ourselves and which paths we should explore. His involves juggling fatherhood, paying gigs and punch lines; mine is about words, spending time with the DH and helping Zaphod become the terrific cat he is destined to be.

And if comedy school made that possible, I don't regret a thing. Well, maybe one or two things, but until they show up on You Tube, I'll be fine.

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